Buy-Sell Agreements

Buy-Sell Business Agreements Sugarland

If you co-own a business or working in partnership in Texas, make sure you must have buy-sell agreements funded with our affordable life insurance policies.

Ensure Continuity of Your Business 

Sometimes it's hard to stay positive and think about the future when facing challenges. But there are ways to protect your business. Buy-sell life insurance is one of those ways - a way for you to protect everyone involved in your business during difficult times. You can rest assured knowing that if certain events take place during business hours, clear cut plans will be there to avoid any conflicts related to share distribution, ownership, buy and selling of company's shares.

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What is Buyout Agreements and how important they are?

For when business events happens such as death, retirement, divorce or disability, buy-sell agreements are one such legal agreement that outlines how the company will perform, who can next own the ownership of the company and how the deceased share will be given to his/her family.

  • Maintain the continuity in the business. 

  • Protects interests of an owner, business and employees. 

  • Ensure Ownership and retain control.

Ensure your company's future by getting a buy-sell agreement today.

You care about your Business. We care about your Business too.

Protecting a business from discontinuity has never been easier! At Sugarland Life Insurance Company, we provide a variety of coverage for your business.

We have Term Life Insurance and Permanent Life Insurance policies. With Term Life Insurance, the coverage lasts from a few years to up to 30 years whereas Permanent Life Insurance locks insurance after one year- so you are assure that your family will be financially taken care of in the event of death or disability.

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Boost Growth and Enjoy Business Expansion

Buy-sell business insurance in Sugarland is a financial tool for businesses to protect their longevity. Few things are as important as protecting your business, especially if you're a family-owned business. For some businesses, they rely on their business to provide expenses for their family members. For others, the business is the family.

This is why we are here to help you protect your business with a buy sell life insurance policy. Invest in your business and make sure that it lives on after your passing through our buy sell life insurance policy in Texas.